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Flailing Drama Queen Antics...

... the non-dramatic life of a self-professed Drama Queen.

Hope Leigh
14 July 1983
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Hope's Flailing Drama Queen Antics

Hope is:

A recent university graduate who has just started a career path she thinks she's really going to love which has come as a total surprise to her, slightly bitter about the fact that she works far too much for someone her age, given to bouts of flailing drama queen-ism where everything is dramatic and completely about her (even when it's really not), a bit of a feminist, a recovering big "C" Conservative who is trying to get back to her original state of libertarianism, a wannabe hack writer, given to bouts of angry ranting, and easily obsessed with various things/topics that instantly become the Most Important Thing EVER that she must discuss at huge lengths and demand that others discuss with her.

Obsessed with: politics, social sciences, HP, HP fic, Asian drama, new cultures, Degrassi: The Next Generation and creating eclectic lists of her widely-varied interests in life.

Bored with: student debt, the repetitive drudgery of corporate life, massive egos, name-droppers, people assuming that she's not competent because of her age, assholes who walk and text on their Blackberries because they are really annoyed.

Angry with: apathy, misplaced altruism, immaturity, pretentiousness and people who don't use proper capitalizations (dispute her fragrant disregard for such trivial grammar rules when in a moment of Flailing Drama Queen Ranting).

Looking forward to: taking over the world, ending world hunger and political corruption, and smiting all those who don't respect the environment or who are intolerant of others.

Wants to: travel the world, starting with her latest obsession, Japan. Would like to spend time in Africa, parts of Asia, Russia, Europe, South America...so yeah, traveling the world.

Needs to: figure out how to land the ideal job (ie. a job where she can sit in bed in her pjs writing all day), or figure out a way to get herself back to the blissful Ivory Tower that unremorsefully cast her assunder (after granting her an increasingly useless-seeming BA).

Notes: I have an 'open friend' policy. Friend me, I'll friend you back, no problem. Also, if I've friended you and you have no idea who I am, chances are I'm a lurker on your LJ and added you so that you'd appear on my flist to make my own life easier. You're under no obligation to friend back (well, obviously).

General warning to unknowing visitors:

I talk about things that I'm obsessed about quite a lot, and tend to post long, rambling, whining and flaily posts (with unrepentant use of picspam) in attemps to convince others to become just as addicted to the things I've been flailing about. If you become obsessed with anything after having read about it, I take no responsibility and you are not allowed to try to make me feel guilty for having good taste and trying to make the world a better place by spreading knowledge about things awesome enough to be enjoyed be to the masses. If you do complain, I'll add you to the Growing List of People I'll Smite When the World Becomes Mine.