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I've been reading a loto Avengers ic lately.  It really has become an interesting little fandom for me to to explore.  Which is so bizarre, because I have never once even picked up an English-language comic before.  In any case, I discovered the crack!fic pairing of Steve Rogers / Darcy Lewis - it's really tricky - I've only read a few that I've really liked, and the majority of them are just terrible (as in BORING. Yes, Captain America = wholesome, good to the core, definition of hero, but MAN do so many think that means he's got the personality of a wet mop), but the ones I've loved, I have LOVED.  Like, obsessive reading until 2 AM loved.

In other news... Anyone watchin New Girl?  It's been my guilty pleasure comedy since the first season and is a show that can make me both laugh RIGHT out loud but also want to fast forward through the painfully awkward bits.  I really enjoy it, and last week's episode... SPOILERS AHEAD.

Man, the Nick/Jess kiss? Is now up there on my list of Top OTP Kisses of All Time.  It's probably right below Jim & Pam and Logan & Veronica's first kiss on that list.

They have (so far) been a case study in how to handle a will they/won't they situation between two people who are also supposed to be best friends.  I just love how steadily their relationship has been established - anything romantic has been entirely subtle.  There is no outward pining for each other, the last time someone even suggested that Nick liked her Jess actually bailed out of a car and ran down the street, they are both constantly dating other people... Nick climbed out on a ledge to avoid kissing her! LOL.

And yet. And yet!  They have also established how much they need each other, and how each of them would do quite a lot of the other...  And all without the outward petty jealousy or pathetic pining that so many other storylines tend to fall victim to.  Ugh, I just love it

Anyway, even if you're not a fan of the show, have no INTEREST in the show, I do strongly recommend checking out the last 5 minutes of Season 2 Episode 15.  There was no squee loud enough.


Feb. 9th, 2013 07:11 pm (UTC)
Hey! when r updating cic? that sit is awesome :D

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