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I've been reading a loto Avengers ic lately.  It really has become an interesting little fandom for me to to explore.  Which is so bizarre, because I have never once even picked up an English-language comic before.  In any case, I discovered the crack!fic pairing of Steve Rogers / Darcy Lewis - it's really tricky - I've only read a few that I've really liked, and the majority of them are just terrible (as in BORING. Yes, Captain America = wholesome, good to the core, definition of hero, but MAN do so many think that means he's got the personality of a wet mop), but the ones I've loved, I have LOVED.  Like, obsessive reading until 2 AM loved.

In other news... Anyone watchin New Girl?  It's been my guilty pleasure comedy since the first season and is a show that can make me both laugh RIGHT out loud but also want to fast forward through the painfully awkward bits.  I really enjoy it, and last week's episode... SPOILERS AHEAD.

Spoilers for Season 2Collapse )

Anyway, even if you're not a fan of the show, have no INTEREST in the show, I do strongly recommend checking out the last 5 minutes of Season 2 Episode 15.  There was no squee loud enough.

Some days, I just love the Internet!

Especially when it leads you down a rabbit hole, and the next thing you know, you've discovered something amazing!  It's how I discovered fan fiction in the first place, and then how I stumbled upon HP fan fic (before then, I naively thought it was contained to just stories other teenage girls wrote about the boybands they were in love with... luckily, my previous works in THAT realm no longer seem to exist on the Internet, which is another reason I love it!)

Ahem, where was I?  Oh yes.  Unexpected gifts from the Internet that I've discovered this past week?  Avengers fanfic!  Which, of course, I should have known it would be out there, now that comics have gone mainstream.  But the best part? Clint/Natasha fic.  I don't even know why - dude has, like, 4 lines in the movie, but I read one that was amazing and now I'm totally hooked!

I doesn't hurt that I've only just seen the movie (why yes, I do live under a rock, thanks for asking!), and it was so much fun!

Anyway, if anyone needs me, I'm down here in this new rabbit hole.


So, the most amazing thing?  Someone has been translating my fic into Portuguese!

You guys!!

What the what?

That's crazy!!  It's almost 200,000 words and 400 pages long, and I've been writing it for 6 years.  Why would ANYONE put themselves through that?

Maybe I should feel a bit weird about someone else posting my work on their FF.net profile... BUT... I would never have discovered Hana Yori Dango in the first place if someone hadn't translated it, so really, what's the point?

Plus, it's far too terribly exciting.

The link here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7097706/1/Atrav%C3%A9s-do-Caos 

OOh, also, I posted a new chapter. I'm hoping to squeeze in another one before the end of the year.

Fic bit and a new story...

Wow, I'm a terrible updater.  Life just... blows up a lot, it seems.  But, the good news is that it makes me write more.

I started a new D/G fic, because I am a CRAZY person.  Actually, it's the brainchild of too much stress and reading too much about human rights in North Korea.  It's called (rather dramatically, now that I think about it) The Man Who Ripped Apart the World, and it's a totally dark & twisty future-AU fic where I basically blow everything up.  It's at Fanfiction.net and Dracoandginny.com.

And, because I'm lame lame lame and don't write fast enough, I've posted a tiny piece of the next chapter of Crossing into Chaos.  It's this scene, in fact, that has been holding everything up!

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Meh, it still needs some work....

The side effects of too much Grey's Anatomy

Oh man. When I was finishing undergrad and in the year following graduation, I was a Grey's Anatomy JUNKIE. I loved it. I obsessed over it. I wanted to marry George O'Malley and be best friends with Miranda Bailey and find a mentor who kicked as much ass as Addison Montgomery, and I firmly believed that I *WAS* Cristina Yang. The show OWNED me.

But then, Denny died and things got all melodramatic, and they ruined George, and punished all of the strong female characters because that's how you write drama about professional, ambitious women in the workplace - you punish them for having ambition, and made Izzie and Meredith completely unlikeable and McDreamy became rather McDouchy and cast issues wiped out some of my favourite characters...

Needless to say, I fell away from the series for a long long time. I stopped watching avidly after about season 3, and with less and less interest after season 4.

But now... I moved, and I haven't gotten cable yet because I want to buy a new TV, but I've been enjoying a cable-less existence and haven't been strongly motivated to get a new one after all... but then I'll get bored after too much reading, and that's where Grey's Anatomy came in.

It needs to come with a manufacturer's warning. DO NOT WATCH Seasons 5-8 of Grey's Anatomy over the course of a few weeks. Take long breaks between episodes. Otherwise, you'll find yourself falling victim repeatedly to the emotional manipulation worse than you otherwise would have, and crying while wearing contacts is not pleasant! Especially not at the 33 minute mark EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE.

It's been a serious overload. And it makes me sad for characters that I first knew and loved. I hate when my OTPs get ruined because actors and production staff can't all get along...

I think I need to revitalize my soul with some West Wing... It makes me cry just as much as Grey's Anatomy, but in the "I love Bartlett so MUCH I wish he were a real person so I could drop everything in my life to work on his campaign and get him elected!" kind of way.

Happy Victoria Day weekend.

Things discovered while moving

I spent all of last weekend and part of this week packing, moving and then unpacking.

Moving is just terrible. But, when you find yourself in a FABULOUS apartment, with THREE giant closets, a south-west view of Toronto from your balcony and a north view of a beautiful old church and park from your bedroom, as well as the most giant kitchen (with an ISLAND) that ever existed, moving is rather worth it.

But, you find things - sometimes long-lost things you didn't know you were missing. Such as:

1. A purple scrunchie
2. 17 USB memory sticks
3. All of your papers from University (yikes. My writing was BAD)
4. 8 different spiral bound notebooks, many with scribbled beginnings of many unfinished fics, and some with sections of CIC (that were either incorporated, or dropped from the plot)
5. An entire external harddrive that you'd thought had been retired to electronic heaven, only to discover that it contains copies of: It Started with a Kiss, Meteor Garden and, most importantly, Mars! Guess what I'm doing this weekend? Overdosing on my favorite scenes from my absolute favorite dramas, that's what! (well, besides all the unpacking and organizing I need to do)

This is the first place I've lived in where I feel like I have a shot of living a lifestyle that resembles that of an adult. I'll be able to, GET THIS, invite people over for dinner, and have enough storage space in my kitchen so that I will be able to own place settings for more than 4 people. Isn't that just INSANE??


Story alerts on Fanfiction.net don't seem to be working... I updated Crossing into Chaos last night.

I'm on vacation this week, and am hoping to squeeze in a hefty portion of the next chapter.

Fanfiction is sooo, like, 2011

I was goofing around on YouTube tonight, and I found these:

And also this (which is the first in a 6 episode series):

It certainly takes fanfiction to a whole new level.

Happy New Year - here's a CIC cookie!

I've been using my vacation time writing!  Amazing how much you realize you miss it once you start doing it again.

Because I can never wait to share things that I've written, here's a small cookie. I haven't proof-read it yet AT ALL, and I'm not going to give you any context as to where in the chapter this takes place, but consider it a sign that this next chapter will be posted MUCH sooner than the last time I updated! Happy New Year, everyone! 2011 was excessively trying for the people I love most in the world, and I'm happy to welcome in 2012!

Crossing into Chaos: Fic bit from Chapter 18Collapse )

Fiction binge

I've been reading Georgette Heyer novels all week.  I came across her work earlier this year, and read Cotillion, which I thought was lovely. I had some trouble getting into the slang used, but that's what excited me about it.  The dialogue is so smart and quick, that it was hard not to love.

For those unfamiliar, Georgette Heyer is a historical fiction writer who is considered the undisputed Queen of Regency Romance novels.  She is most often compared to Jane Austen, but the biggest differences being that Georgette Heyer wrote about history (whereas Austen set her novels in the time she lived) and that Heyer was much more prolific - she wrote something like 50+ novels.

In any case, I've read These Old Shades, Devil's Cub and Frederica, and have just started on Venetia.  I'm totally in love.  Quick-witted, capable heroines? Check.  A variety of swoon-worthy heroes? Check.  Humour? Check.  Romance? Check.  SO GOOD.  I'm heading to Nevada for a few weeks' vacation at the end of the week, and you can guarantee that I've already loaded up my Kindle with a number of other titles, planning to lose myself in a fantastic fiction coma over the holidays.

Confessions of a Drama Queen

I'm a drama queen lacking in Real Life drama. So, instead, I flail about things that I become obsessive over - which, usually, is everything, all the time, always. Be warned - I like to post AD NAUSEUM about what I'm currently in love with, and this changes about every other day.

I also occasionally flirt with the notion that I can write, and chose to demonstrate this deranged fantasy with the occasional fic bit posted from my one current fanfic project. I really only do it for the shallow praise - what, like you don't think a drama queen would have an ego?

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